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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar panels are a significant investment for the planet and your pocket, so it’s important to make sure they’re working to their optimum at all times.

Whether you have solar panels on your house, commercial premises or solar panel farm, Perno Window Cleaners can help you maximise the output of your panels and get the most out of the sun.

Regular solar panel cleaning will keep the dirt at bay and leave your panels looking spick and span. .

Why get your solar panels cleaned?

Dirt can build up on your solar panels over time as a result of dust, industrial air pollution, pollen and bird droppings. All of these factors can affect the amount of sunlight reaching the panels, which in turn affects the output, the amount of energy produced and the return on your investment.

Cleaning your panels regularly will prevent the accumulation of dirt and allow your panels access to as much light as possible. Looking after your panels will help them to last longer and prevent the need to replace them. Manufacturers often recommend regular cleaning of your solar panels to maintain your warranty and prevent your panels from becoming stained, which would be expensive to fix or replace.

Even panels that are designed to be low maintenance or self-cleaning can still benefit from a good clean from time-to-time as rainfall can’t remove stubborn dirt like bird droppings as easily as it can remove dust.

To start saving money and increase the output of your solar panels, get in touch with Perno Window Cleaners today.

Caring for the planet and your panels

We can reach up to 65ft to clean roof mounted solar panels using our water-fed poles. As we clean from ground level and don’t use ladders, there’s no danger of damage to your panels during the cleaning process. We scrub the dirt from your panels using soft brushes mounted on the end of the poles. These brushes are non-abrasive, so they won’t mark or scratch the panels.

As you’re caring for the environment by investing in renewable energy, it’s only fair that we do our bit for the planet too by not using chemicals to clean your panels.

We only use pure water to clean windows and solar panels, removing the need for cleaning products or detergents that could taint or stain your panels.

To get pure water, we pass tap water through a natural filtration process, including deionisation and reverse osmosis. This removes the minerals and deposits, leaving only pure water that won’t leave marks on your panels when it dries.

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From solar panels to solar farms, roof mounted panels to ground level panels, we can help you get the most out of your investment in renewable energy. 

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