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Professional, hassle-free residential window cleaning

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your home looking good by providing you with a reliable, fuss-free window cleaning service. Our text message reminder service means you’ll always know when we’re coming and our cashless payment system allows you to get on with doing other things, as you don’t need to sit in and wait for us.

Why choose Perno for your residential window cleaning?


The easy way to pay

We’re a cashless company so we won’t ask you for cash up front. You can simply pay by setting up a direct debit. You only pay once the windows have been cleaned and you are notified in advance of the payment leaving your account. By paying automatically online, you won’t need to remember cash and you don’t need to be at home whilst were cleaning, allowing you to get on with your day with no interruptions. (visit our payments page here for more information, link to payments page


The full package

As well as leaving your glass gleaming, we also clean your window sills, frames and doors on every visit, giving you great value for money.


Text message reminders

On request we are able to send you alerts or updates with the window cleaning services. If access is difficult we can send you a reminder to let you know we are coming.


Window cleaners you can trust

All our friendly staff are fully trained, carry an ID badge and are clearly uniformed so they’re easy to identify. 

Our prices are affordable, and we have a satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll only pay once you’re completely happy with the results of your window clean.


Pure water window cleaning

We use the latest in window cleaning technology to make sure your windows are left shiny and streak-free. Using a filtration process, we take the sediments and minerals out of tap water which leaves only pure water. This process means we don’t need to use chemicals to clean your windows, which is much better for the planet and your garden.

Instead, we use the natural properties of pure water to clean away the dust and dirt from your glass. After rinsing, the pure water dries naturally, leaving no marks on your windows. 

Find out more about pure water cleaning


No need for ladders

We use telescopic water-fed poles to clean your windows. These poles can reach up to 65ft and mean we don’t need to use ladders, which is safer for us and won’t ruin your garden and flower beds either. The poles allow us to clean your windows from ground-level giving you extra privacy and the soft brush on the end of the pole won’t scratch or mark your windows.


Available 7 days a week

To give you as much choice as possible, our window cleaners are available 7 days a week. Feel free to call us anytime for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

We also have the following residential cleaning services available:

Conservatory cleaning

As dirt and algae can build up quickly on the roof of your conservatory, it can block out natural light, ruining the ambiance of your conservatory. If not cleaned regularly, algae can even cause leaks or permanent damage to the roof.

At Perno Window Cleaners, we offer a regular conservatory cleaning service which includes cleaning the windows, roof, frames and beams of your conservatory. We can also clean the inside of the windows too, leaving you with a clean, bright space to relax in.

We only use pure water, which won’t cause any damage to your conservatory and will leave it free from streaks or dirty marks. 

Solar panel cleaning

As solar panels are a big investment, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. 

Our water-fed poles can easily reach to clean your solar panels, ensuring they’re making the most of the sunlight and performing to the best of their ability. 

We’ll remove dirt, pollen and bird droppings from your solar panels regularly using only pure water, which won’t mark or stain them.

Cladding cleaning

Moss, algae and dust are the enemies of presentable cladding. As cladding is constantly exposed to the elements, regular cleaning with pure water will ensure it looks well-kept and maintained.

Skylight cleaning

Natural light can work wonders in your home, brightening up rooms and giving the illusion of more space. With regular skylight cleaning, you can prevent the build-up of dirt that can block light and dull your décor.

We’ll clean your decking using low pressure or soft washing techniques to remove any dirt and plant life, whilst making sure we don’t damage the wood.

Driveway, decking and patio cleaning

Algae and moss on your driveway, decking or patio can become slippery and dangerous if left to build-up, particularly in the winter months. Using professional jet washers and the right amount of pressure, we can remove any dirt and plant life from your outdoor areas without damaging the surface.

Garage door cleaning

Don’t forget about your outbuildings. To complete the look, we can also clean your garage doors to make sure they’re just as presentable as your home.

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