Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure water cleaning is the eco-friendly way to clean windows. It gives your windows a natural streak-free shine.


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What is Pure Water Window Cleaning

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Why do windows get dirty?

Windows are constantly exposed to the elements and air pollution, dust and pollen will quickly stick to any residue on your windows, allowing dirt to build up. Cleaning and drying windows using tap water, cloths and squeegees can leave smears and streaks on your windows which attract dirt.

We’ll remove any weeds between the joints, then, using our high-tech pressure washers, carefully clean the dirt, grime, moss and algae from the surface. We’ll use the right pressure and angle to wash your block paving, so it won’t mark or damage the surface or move the stones. Once we’ve finished, we’ll re-sand your driveway or patio to prevent any movement, leaving your paving firmly in place.

The problem with cleaning windows using tap water

If you’ve ever tried to clean your windows with normal tap water and a cloth, you’ll probably have noticed that when the water has dried it has left streak marks on your window. It’s particularly noticeable when the sun shines on your window and it often looks even dirtier than before you tried to clean it.

This is because tap water contains minerals and sediments, like calcium and chlorine, that leave marks when they dry. This residue then attracts more dirt, dust and pollen from the air.

This is why we use pure water to clean your windows instead.

How do you get pure water?

Using an advanced filtration system that includes natural processes, such as reverse osmosis and deionisation, we can remove the minerals and sediments from tap water to produce pure water. 

Once the filtration process is complete, we store the water in special tanks in our vans, ready to be passed through a resin filter into the hoses in our water-fed poles.

Can you clean windows when it’s raining?

Yes, we can clean windows in the rain. As we’re cleaning the dirt and residue off your window, the rain water won’t be able to stick to the glass. Rain water is naturally very clean so it won’t affect the final results of your window clean.

What are the benefits of using pure water?


Free from contaminants, detergent and chemicals

After it has passed through the filtration process, due to its natural properties, the pure water then tries to reabsorb minerals and pollutants. This makes it ideal for absorbing the dust and dirt that’s on your windows.

After the dirt has been cleaned off your windows and we’ve given them a final rinse, the pure water droplets can be left to dry naturally, and they won’t leave any streaks or dirty marks on your windows. There’ll be no residue for dust and pollen to stick to, meaning your windows stay clean for longer.

As we’re only using pure water, there’s no need for us to use detergents or chemicals to clean your windows. This is much better for the environment and the droplets won’t harm your garden, flowerbeds, pets or children.


No need for ladders

Gone are the days of ladders! 

At Perno Window Cleaners, we clean your windows using telescopic water-fed poles that can reach up to 65ft. We pump the pure water through the poles and use the brush attached to the pole to scrub your windows to remove the dirt. The soft material of the brush won’t scratch your windows or cause damage to your frames.

Using water-fed poles is much safer than using ladders and means we can clean high windows as well as solar panels, cladding and skylights. The water-fed poles also allow us to clean your window frames and sills at the same time, giving you much more value for your money. 

By not using ladders we’re also keeping your garden and flower beds safe from damage. The poles allow us to clean from ground level, giving you much more privacy.

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