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High-quality commercial and residential driveway and patio cleaning in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford and Wakefield.


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Whatever your driveway or patio is made of, whether it’s natural stone, block paving or imprinted concrete, we’ll remove any dirt, weeds and moss using a technique that won’t discolour or damage the surface. Our professional cleaners have all the right equipment for the job at hand and have the knowledge and training to determine whether your driveway or patio needs a specialist high-pressure jet wash or a much softer clean to bring it back to life.

All our staff are fully trained, carry an ID badge and are clearly uniformed so they’re easy to identify. We have public liability insurance to £5m.

Our Pressure Washing Services

Patio and outside dining area cleaning

Patios are a lovely place to relax in summer and soak up the sun. Don’t let moss and algae ruin the views or the ambiance of dining outside on a warm summer evening. Getting your patio cleaned regularly will not only stop it from becoming unsightly, it will also prevent it from becoming slippery and dangerous. 

Whether your patio or dining area is made of block paving or natural stone, we’ll clean the area so you can enjoy sitting outside again.

Block paving cleaning

Block paving is a great choice for patios and driveways as it looks neat, lasts for years and is relatively low maintenance. It’s also great for high traffic areas, making it a great choice for commercial buildings, pubs and hotels. But over time, weeds can creep up in the sand in the gaps between the stones, which can decrease the lifespan of your stones and cause them to move. This could make your driveway or patio dangerous to walk or drive on.

We’ll remove any weeds between the joints, then, using our high-tech pressure washers, carefully clean the dirt, grime, moss and algae from the surface. We’ll use the right pressure and angle to wash your block paving, so it won’t mark or damage the surface or move the stones. Once we’ve finished, we’ll re-sand your driveway or patio to prevent any movement, leaving your paving firmly in place.

Natural stone paving cleaning

Nothing can match the effect of natural stone paving. The varying tones and colours can add a unique look and bring life to the outside of your home or business premises. But a build-up of weeds and dirt can dampen the effect of natural stone and hide its beauty under layers of grime.

To stop your natural stone from losing its colour, we’ll remove the weeds and use soft washing techniques to bring the stone back to life, without damaging the surface.

Decking cleaning

Decking can transform the look of your garden or outdoor space, giving you a natural wooden area to sit, eat and relax in. But decking is particularly prone to becoming slippery in wet weather or cold conditions, so it’s important to keep it clean and remove moss or lichen regularly to reduce the risk of falls and trips.

We’ll clean your decking using low pressure or soft washing techniques to remove any dirt and plant life, whilst making sure we don’t damage the wood.

Imprinted concrete cleaning

A stunning alternative to traditional paving, customisable imprinted concrete adds a decorative flair to your home or business premises. Keep its character alive with regular patio and driveway cleaning that ensures the patterns stay visible and the colour remains bright.

Why get your driveway or patio professionally cleaned?


Prevent slips and trips

Driveways can become dull and dirty over time due to rain, snow and a build-up of moss, algae or lichen. This can make them slippy to walk and drive on, particularly in the winter months. Getting your driveways, patios and outdoor areas professionally cleaned removes any danger to pedestrians and cars, whilst ensuring they remain presentable. 

Removing such risks is particularly important for businesses who need to abide by health and safety laws and have a duty of care to their visitors and employees.


Enhance your kerb appeal

As your home is often your biggest investment, it deserves to look its best. Be the envy of all your neighbours and show off your sparkling clean driveway and patio to your family and friends.


First impressions matter

As your driveway is often one of the first things visitors see when they come to your business premises, it’s important to keep it looking smart and clean. If the outside of your commercial premises is dirty or looks dishevelled, it can put customers off going inside.


Save time and effort

When the sun makes a rare appearance in the UK, you want to be able to enjoy it for as much time as possible. Don’t spend your summer sprucing up your driveway or patio before you can use it. Let us take the cleaning duties off your hands, leaving you with more time to relax and soak up the rays. Our specialist pressure washing equipment is much more powerful than standard domestic jet washers too, giving you a much better result than if you cleaned your patio or driveway yourself.

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