A simple way to pay your window cleaning bill.

Payments are made via direct debit with a company called Go Cardless, the UK’S leading contactless provider. 

Go Cardless is authorised by the FCA Financial Conduct Authority

When the windows have been cleaned you will receive an email from Go Cardless to inform you a payment will be taken. 

You are in full control and can cancel the direct debit at anytime. 

100% Safe. Go Cardless payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee, entitling you to an instant refund if anything goes wrong with the transaction.

The payment on the bank statement will appear as “Go Cardless”

To sign up to Go Cardless, please click on the “Get Started” link.

With a prior email notification each window clean payment will be collected within 3 to 5 working days. Once the initial sign up is completed, you do not have to input payment ever again. 

Key benefits with Go Cardless


This is not a monthly direct debit. Only pay when the windows have been cleaned.


None of your personal details are shared with 3rd parties


Cancel at anytime, there is no contract


All the financial transactions are handled by Go Cardless


All payments taken are encrypted with the Go Cardless RSA military grade secure software


Keep track of when your windows are cleaned

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